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21 JUNE 2019: All services run faster and start immediately.

For the convenience of paying our customers from all over the world, we use the Digital currency payment gateway and You can buy any service with bitcoin and another digital currency.

Order to make and personalization of the page on the Instagram, with the name and subject that you choose:

In this service, you can request to make your own page with the packages below.
In all packages, you specify the subject of the page , and number fo followers, posts, likes, videos and views that you want .
Each package has a specified price, which we receive half of package price of your choice we receive and next we will start your order.The remaining amount of the price will be received at the due date after the page was made and the password will be sent for you for editing.
(The reason we first receive half the amount of price is that this special page is made for you with your favorite style, which makes it very expensive for us, and we can not risk to pay for it at our own expense, because if you Give up during making, its loss for uor team and this is not logical).
You can also watch it from the first day of this page, and you can direct it through the direct page of this page until the page is made and provide us with your favorite photos or posts so we can post those and Do our job better and make a better quality page for you.

The advantage of these conditions to buy ready page:

From the beginning, a page is created with your own name.
From the beginning, all posts related to the topic of your page are selected.
From the beginning, recived enough likes and views number for each post that we posted.
The making hashtagh is done for you(with best words).

Order to buy page:

Order to make page:

Chose one package to Order for make and personalization of the page on the Instagram, with the name and subject that you choose(You can read the text above for a better understanding):

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